Recommended Hosting Providers

Web hosting as recommended by Online Gateway

At Online Gateway, we are happy to provide web design services on any hosting provider.

Some people entering the market however have no idea where to start when it comes to website hosting. As such, you can find below a set of website hosting and website domain providers below.

Online Gateway has partnered up with TSOHost.

TSOHost is a company that is a provider of reliable and affordable internet services, consisting of Cloud Hosting, Managed Servers and Domains. Initially set up in 2003, the company has gone from strength to strength over the past 13 years, enjoying strong organic growth. Through this, and the acquisition of other companies, Tsohost now hosts in excess of ½ million websites across their UK based hosting platforms.

Below is a selection of information about TSOHost.



The Tsohost cloud network is the foundation of their web hosting service, providing connectivity between your visitors and Tsohost hosted services. A reliable and well designed network is imperative in keeping your website and email online and performing well. As such these mission critical systems are managed entirely in house by the TSOHost expert team. Unlike many hosting companies they do not outsource network management or rent any of their infrastructure.

Tsohost maintains 2 diverse, multihomed, BGP networks spanning multiple UK data centres. Utilising numerous Tier 1 transit providers and equipment vendors (Cisco & Juniper) TSOHost strive to provide the utmost in reliability and performance.

You can reach a highly technical (English speaking) human being, 365 days a year by phone or email.

For those with security concerns, TSOHost has you covered. In terms of physical security, TSOHost have 24x7x365 on site manned security with regular patrols of all secure areas. The building is surrounded by perimeter fencing and razor wire. Access to the datacentre compound is restricted only to authorised personnel. Biometric scanning is used for access to the data floor and other secure areas. Racks are also individually locked and caged off.


As for network security, this is provided by Juniper and Cisco industry standard firewalls. Tried and tested in live environments, their expert team can configure these devices to your exact requirements on any dedicated or VPS system.

Move to TSOHost from another hosting provider and their team of migration specialists will seamlessly migrate your website to their servers, totally free of charge.
If you aren’t happy with the Cloud Web Hosting, TSOHost will give you your money back at any time, for up to 60 days. No quibbles.

Online Gateway has also partnered up with OrangeWebsite Offshore Hosting for those seeking a more privacy based solution.

OrangeWebsite is an Iceland-based freedom of speech web hosting provider.

Their mission is to provide everyone in the world an equal opportunity to publish their words freely without being harassed or censored. The services they offer are specifically designed for people who are concerned about security and privacy matters.

OnlineGateway recommends OrangeWebsite hosting for those wishing to keep themselves anonymous for whatever reason. OrangeWebsite will not request personal details from you and they also allow you to purchase their services by bitcoin.



OrangeWebsite will ensure that you won’t be censored or harassed by someone who doesn’t agree with you.

Your website will remain up and running as long as there is no violation their our Terms of Service or the Icelandic laws.

OrangeWebsite has a skilled team of Server Security Specialists and Ethical Hackers who make sure their hosting servers are always hardened to provide the maximum security from outside threats.

They constantly perform security auditing and ensure all software is up-to-date with the latest security patches. When you access your control panel and email, the connection goes through a secure 256-bit SSL layer to ensure your sensitive data will not be sniffed by an intruder.

OrangeWebsite’s mission is to provide everyone in the world an equal opportunity to publish their words freely without being harassed or censored.

The services they offer are specifically designed for people who are concerned about security and privacy matters.

BitCoin is the fastest growing and most popular crypto-currency available. You can pay your invoices securely, quickly and without transaction fees by BitCoin. Using BitCoin also protects your online privacy.

The geographical location gives OrangeWebsite hosting unique benefits to provide an equally fast connection to both major internet markets, America and Europe.

You can connect to us from Europe within 29ms and within 39ms from the USA. This way, your website will always load in high speed and with low latency from both continents.