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Bristol Lifestyle Awards®

The Bristol Lifestyle Awards® is part of The British Lifestyle Awards®. The Awards celebrate the businesses in Bristol which contribute to the cities lifestyle. The Awards also take place in London, Hull, Cardiff, Leeds and Tyne & Wear.

Online Gateway manages and operates the websites of these awards. We also manage the public voting systems of these awards, in which tens of thousands of people have successfully used.

Online Gateway Design : Bristol Life Style Awards

Best YOU Ever

Best YOU Ever is a specialist provider of wellbeing psychology. Best You Ever run workshops, courses and retreats to help women make positive change happen.

Online Gateway Design : Best You Ever

Studio EG

Studio EG is an independent lighting design consultancy run by managing director Ellie Greisen.

Studio EG has completed work all over the world, including projects in Russia, Dubai, The Phillipines and The UK

Online Gateway Design : Studio EG

Amson Browne

Amson Browne specialises in property management. They manage everything, from homes to complete residential apartments and houses.

Online Gateway works closely with Amson Browne, managing their online systems and offering digital consultancy services.

Online Gateway Design : Amson Browne

The Lettings Coaches

The Lettings Coaches is a coaching team designed to assist people in letting out their property for rental. From single homes to entire housing apartments, The Lettings Coaches can provide assistance and consultancy services to those who need a helping hand.

Online Gateway Design : The Lettings Coaches

StudioTwo Designs

StudioTwo Designs is an online store operating out of the Ayrshire countryside. They specialise in products for whiskey lovers.

Online Gateway assisted them in designing their website and set up their online e-commerce Store.

Online Gateway Design : Studio Two